International Post Graduate
Research Symposium

A truly unique experience for the participant AND the attendee. The IPGRS is open to residents, fellows and preceptees from around the globe who will be presenting innovative abstracts on topics that are changing the field of podiatry. Do you know of someone who would be a great candidate to participate?

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MPC Attendees

The Midwest Podiatry Conference invites you to participate in the 19th Annual International Post Graduate Research Symposium in Chicago, Saturday, April 2, 2016. This conference was previously only open to US podiatric residents, fellows and preceptees. The 2016 event will mark the eighth year the symposium is accepting entries from all over the world, providing researchers with even more exposure. Abstracts on various topics, including wound care, diabetes, surgery and podiatric medicine have been presented in recent years from participants across the country.

Participants agree that the conference is an excellent opportunity to receive recognition of their work and to network with fellow residents and participating podiatrists. Doctors who attended the symposium during the past 18 years described it as having some of the best innovative and forward thinking content of any lectures at podiatric seminars.

We hope you will be able to join us for this unforgettable event.

Jeffrey R. Baker, DPM
Chairman, International Post Graduate Research Symposium