John Grady, DPM
John Grady, DPM
Scientific Chair

This year’s program brings to Chicago for the first time some of the most well known foot and ankle surgeons and caregivers in the world. Hans Zwipp, MD, the author of “Churgerie des Fußes” (Surgery of the foot)’ and “Tscherne Unfallchugerie des Fußes” (Trauma Surgery of the foot) is the most experienced foot and ankle trauma surgeon in Europe. He’ll be speaking on reconstructions of malunited or non-united pilon fractures as well as reconstructions of  Pes Equinovarus after compartment/postischemic Syndrome. Robert Anderson, MD who is the most well known sports orthopedist in this country is discussing the controversy of utilizing injections in sports and resection of Tarsal Coalitions. New ideas in rehabilitation from Europe, like spiral dynamics (a way of treating and reversing deformities simply by muscular strengthening for conditions we have traditionally used surgery only to correct). We have continued newer ideas brought to the Midwest last year like nerve transplants in both lectures by Dr. Ivan Ducic and workshops where qualified surgeons can develop skills in this exciting new technique. No conference in Foot and Ankle in this country has the amount of new and innovative ideas than will be presented at the 2018 MPC.

In addition, we have totally changed the format from separate sections of pediatrics , sportsmedicine, biomechanics, wound care, diabetic foot, surgery, rehabilitation and radiology to have an integrated program throughout all four days of all of these topics.

Add to that the best board review course in America, The National post graduate research symposium, the new product introduction in the sponsored track, the best and largest exhibit hall of any program, the world’s best city to visit, and a great time of the year and I think you’ll agree there’s too much here to pass up, and you may never get a chance to update your foot and ankle arsenal like this program again.”    – John Grady, DPM

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